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The Breach - B&C:Devlog #5

In Bug & Claw, there are various organizations characters can join or encounter. One that's more common is the Breach. Get to know the Breach with a bit of the lore behind them in this devlog.

The Breach



The Breach is one of the oldest guilds, its members devoting themselves to preventing the breaking or rupturing between bug-kin land and the infected lands and wastes. This includes hunting the infected creatures that pass into bug-kin lands, often earning members the titles of monster hunters. Members will also collect infection samples from their region borders and their infected quarries to deliver to locations with a guild laboratory.


The Breach is not generally concerned with politics though their scholars and expert hunters may be asked to consult when it concerns infection. The Breach insists on making its guild buildings outside of settlements or creating and governing its own small settlements. A settlement, called a Breach Watch, is generally entirely devoted to breach craft. Breach settlements tend to be named after the infection they were built to watch over, such as Patient Watch, Storm Watch, or Waste Watch.


The unanimous approval by the governing members of any Breach Watch settlement rank is required to join. The higher the rank, the fewer members are required for approval to join, although it will likely be harder to gain council with high-ranking members, let alone impress them to get their approval.

Gaining members’ approval can sometimes be as simple as being a needed body; infection matters can be dangerous work, after all. Bringing needed intel or safe infection to study will also garner favour. On the flip side, putting any bug-kin in danger for any reason, especially as related to infection, will be seen highly negatively.

Guiding values

Honour, evidence, security, trust, courage