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Evolving characters, chaotic lands

Bug & Claw is a fictional world where highly intelligent mutant arthropods rule what's left of the devastated world left by humans. Follow the creation of the tabletop game or read stories about unique characters and lands.

Subject to change

Key features

Great stuff coming soon! Stay tuned for...

Rules-light base

An OSR-style system, easy to spin-up characters and run.

Ingenuity > mechanics

Players are encouraged to solve problems creatively.

DM & player advice

Tools to enhance your games and what happens in between.

Simple + chaotic

Random tables change with player contexts to keep things fresh.

Solving & exploring > combat

Equivalent of XP is awarded based on solving problems and exploring, not killing.

Unique levelling system

Based on how arthropods molt but expanded for a world ripe with mutation.

Optional factions & lands

Play with our maps, organizations, and the benefits (and drawbacks) that come with them, or not at all

Epic stories

Accompanying fiction to help you get to know the world.

Slot-based inventory

Trimmed-down, so you bring and leave behind what matters.