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The settlement of Patient Watch - B&C:Devlog #3

Patient Watch

Guild town Medium danger


Patient Watch is what’s known as a Breach Watch, a settlement devoted to breach craft, almost all of the population being members of the Breach. Patient Watch is built near the remnants of the old lighthouse at Stagbay. For years the populace avoids Stagbay proper because of a giant shrew living nearby, biding their time until they can take it and its kin down for good-- which is where their namesake comes from. Its presence is a sign of encroaching infection that needs to be watched. Breach settlements tend to be named after the infection they were built to watch over.

The shrew

  • Giant
  • Albino
  • Fungal growths driving erratic behaviours
  • Nearly blind (natural) but likes shiny and smelly things
  • Enlarged forepaws and claws
  • Tail comes to a sharp point of exposed bone



Chulk (Chuck, lovingly): A big-headed ground beetle

Ancestry lines common in the area (in order):

  1. Weevils, stink bugs
  2. Gold ground beetles, burying beetles
  3. Mudflat and shore crabs
  4. Fleas, aphids

Locations & details

A great hall, step stones to a loud and reverberating gong, laboratory, training hall, and forge. These are Patient Watch’s key buildings, all attributed to the Breach.

  • A fishery is built just outside the bay. Any catches are brought immediately underground to herb caves to staunch the smell and avoid attracting the infected.
  • Monuments to fantastic beasts, infected and not, that the Breach has felled adorn the town streets. They become more abundant the closer to the great hall you get.
  • Painted recreations of sections of exoskeletons from fallen warriors decorate the inside and outside of the great hall.


  • High: Wood, fish, carrion, stone
  • Scarce: Weapons, recruits