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Relic-kin - Devlog #10

The Doll's Eye short story introduced a couple of characters with unique abilities, but where the fiction and the game differ is players will need to know what these things are!

Introducing relic-kin

The oldest bug-kin (literally) have been shaped by infection, old-world gene-modification that ran rampant, radiation, chemical, and other environmental hazards. Most of them have gained an almost immortality, and some have gained other abilities. Unfortunately, their ancient knowledge and abilities often make them targets in some form or another. Several have been found mutilated, turned into living equipment, or otherwise indentured into servitude. Rarely, some relic-kin have adapted to live in modern society without others figuring out what they are.

What does this mean?

Characters are bound to:

  • Meet unique or high-powered foes
  • Find unique or powerful weapons and equipment
  • Or meet strange non-player characters

Relic-kin account for many (though, not all) of those cases.