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Quests and goals - Devlog #19

One of the problems with a lot of tabletop games is very similar to a common business challenge. You get a mix of personalities or play styles together and sometimes someone owns the space. To me, there are a few ways to tackle this. Sometimes, it's just making sure folks know what they're accountable and responsible for. Other times, it's making sure they understand what the thing is that they're chasing. Not the group, but them.

The shared quest in a TTRPG is great. It makes tons of sense, but I think there also needs to be some kind of individual element to things to help push every individual separately. You may have seen in my earlier character sheet concepts I had things like "Path," and then it changed to "Goal." As I think through this more that portion will have to move to the back sheet or be captured in some other way, but the gist is there.

Quests and goals

What’s the difference between a quest and a goal?


A quest is generally public information shared with your party, an endeavour you’re pursuing together and will generally reap the rewards together. Quests might be time-bound and come with rewards. The reward could be gon, XP, items, reputation, changes or developments to the world, and more.

Quests always contain:

  • A thing that needs doing

Quests may have:

  • A time limit
  • An immaterial reward
    • XP
    • Reputation
  • A material reward
    • Gon
    • An item
  • A development
    • A change in the world

It’s recommended that if you’re the Web Weaver, you record quests on one of the provided Weaver sheets or in a manner you choose, as long as your players can reference it.


A goal, on the other hand, is secret. Players who reveal their goals forfeit them. Every time a character levels up, they can swap their goal if they choose to.