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New Referee Sheet - Devlog #18

I recently posted about updates to the character sheets. When I made those updates I also had time to start diving into the referee. Does Bug & Claw need one? What does it mean? What would they do?

I really want Bug & Claw to be played by one to four or five people. In that case, if it can be played alone, it's not really a referee role, is it? I think what's more required is for some means of capturing certain story elements. One of the things I find annoying about many TTRPGs is that recording potential quests the party has available to them, key NPCs, and other information isn't very straight-forward. You see all of these third-party tools popping up to help people rather than the game itself accounting for the role needing more guidance and support.

So far, where I'm going with things is if you're playing one player then you have this role– a role I am tentatively calling the Web Weaver (or Weaver for short)– and if you're playing multiplayer then a different person can be the Weaver every session.

  • This person ideally doesn't hold any sensitive information.
  • They help record open quests, key locations, and NPCs.
  • Since some quests might be on a timeline, this person might also help track the date.
  • They would track and advance the season, which may be a big part of Bug & Claw depending on the region you're playing in.
  • They would also be the one to advance the "Presence" level.
  • They would randomize the weather or dungeon effects (dice roll).

Check out the very up-in-the-air tentative Web Weaver sheets, below.

20231027-DMSheet-v01_1 20231027-DMSheet-v01_2