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Fundamental ideas - Devlog #20

So far, the rules of Bug & Claw are based on these core premises. Perhaps more to come.

  1. Humans are gone, but their ancient footprint lingers– technology, destruction, and the occasional belonging. Bug-kin are aware that humans existed before them. That being said, not all of them are aware humans are the ones who created them.
  2. Many Bug-kin look to the past for answers to the future. Scholars among the population, some seers, or those in tune with crystal memories, believe that if Bug-kin don’t learn from the mistakes of Bug-kin and humans before them they are doomed to repeat them.
  3. Much of the world is “infected.” Humans infected arthropods with a virus that turned them into what they are today. That same virus mutated over time instead of reaching its intended conclusion. It is joined by radioactive, chemical, biological, and fungal agents left behind by or gone wild since human beings’ demise. Great swaths of land harbour strange creatures, inhospitable territories, and dangerous consequences.
  4. The land is healing. One of the technologies humans left behind intentionally were the organic crystals that dot the land. These crystals have varying effects– some keeping predators at bay, storing memories from the past to help work towards a better feature, or literally cleansing properties that rid nearby lands of infection. Bug-kin flock to crystal-rich areas, the more fanatical of them worshipping larger or older formations.
  5. Bug-kin civilization is still forming and full of conflict. Despite the boost their civilization received with the knowledge left behind or literally grown inside Bug-kin’s heads with their crystals, they’re all just getting the hang of things. They live, for the most part, in a time similar to the human iron age. Lawlessness is common in rural areas, and bandit Bug-kin turn on their own kind for their own gain.
  6. Folks are better with company. Whether with hired help or other friends joining in, teamwork makes the dream work. Especially when you’re a two-foot-tall arthropod that can encounter an angry mutant bear.
  7. Change & adaptation is a way of life. The literal evolutionary push of mutation causing infection is common, causing many to be resilient and accepting. Philosophical questions like “Where am I/are we from?” or “Where am I/are we going?” and “Who am I/are we?” are common among the population.
  8. Royals and large governments are corrupt. The shift in intellect for some hive-based arthropods as they developed caused many of them to adopt systems of oppression. Those who realize this fight the power.
  9. Folks are full of hope. Many are focused on the regrowth of the planet, reaching common resolutions, rebuilding after war, learning instead of repeating. Are you one of those helping sow seeds of hope across the land?

Many of these and the mechanics can likely be boiled down to:

  1. Friendship, diversity, and inclusion.
  2. Change & adaptation.
  3. The power is corrupt; Fight the power
  4. Vicious cycle / sins of the past
  5. Hope

For example, right now I am working through how to better integrate camaraderie into the system.