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Entomaran poetry - Devlog #29

The following poems are potential lore-builders and prompts for Bug & Claw.

A dance at dusk

In the shadows where creatures crawl,
Silent whispers of the Iron Claw.
A dance at dusk, a moonlit brawl,
Mysteries unfold, unheard and raw.

Unheard and raw, mysteries unfold,
A moonlit brawl, a dance at dusk.
The Iron Claw, in shadows bold,
Whispers silent, broken trust.


As winter approaches, we begin to molt.
The cold brings strength, a hardy new shell.
Our minds sleep, entangled in web.
Sentries remain vigilant, they guard the hive.
Intruder or danger, amass the swarm.
With strikes as true, as smooth as silk.

The dead lay still, covered in silk.
Their bodies lost, their souls do molt.
Loved ones emerge and begin to swarm.
They cradle the lost, whether husk or shell.
Never alone, a bustling hive,
but a few less points connect this web.

Spin and spin, create new web.
Bring it down, cover eyes with silk.
Under dark of moonlight we'll rebuild the hive.
Appear anew, a healing molt.
Bitter history hidden, whispered beneath the shell.
Talk moves quick, buzz and swarm.

And so we move, and under hushed tones swarm.
We wait and build, and catch in our web.
Pick it clean, leave only the shell.
Distract and grasp, with noose of silk.
How tender we kill and begin to molt.
The infection runs deep, cleanse the hive.

Identify them all, every head in the hive.
Together we ascend, quickly and quietly swarm.
Against their will, we bring a new molt.
Untangle and unmuddle, free minds from wicked web.
Drown them in honey, smother them in silk.
Tonight we undo it, knife to shell.

And so they see, a shiny new shell.
What once was lost, cleansed and fresh hive.
We wash it away, we spin new silk.
We gather them all, the hopeful swarm.
We bind them together, their hands do web.
Together they chant, and together molt.

Sleep well and molt, safe soft shell.
Bound by web, the fortified hive.
Our vigilance will swarm, these people of silk.

Rise again

Pitter patter falls.
Water washes all our souls.
Groggy, rise. Treated.
Train, prepare. Vengeance while strong.
Now, set out. Will success call?