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Designing encounters - Devlog #25

Over the last little while I've been diving into what encounters will be like in Bug & Claw. Naturally, a part of that is taking a look at the opposition. Enemies, whether other Bug-kin, animals, or other things. There are particular things that I like about the D20 system encounters, as well as OSR and OSE encounters, but ultimately there are a few areas I'd like to improve on or at least try something different.

What follows are several iterations of what could become part of a stat-card for an enemy. As I explored this, what I was trying to do is not depart far from a character's own attributes but also simplify them drastically so you never have to learn a whole new character's amount of detail to battle or deal with someone. I think there's still plenty to iron out here, but it's on its way somewhere, and, at the very least, it's testable!

What's being explored here?

  • Simple, line-item, table-delineated actions.
  • A visual hierarchy and reading order to quickly direct the eye where it should go.
  • Derived stats from the main attribute collection.
  • The same roll-under system as talked about before.
  • Shorthand roll options for when you're in a hurry or playing solo.
  • Armour systems that haven't been shown anywhere else yet, including mental armour (crystal strength).

Bug-kin would have crystal armour as well. Where theirs would likely protect their grit, enemies will probably have simplified stats that don't include grit.

Reminder that anything posted here is a work in progress and you're more than welcome to give feedback on it. Hit me up via any of the social links in the footer.

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