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Common vs uncommon NPCs - Devlog #21

As players traverse the world of Bug & Claw, they will encounter all sorts of interesting characters they can interact with. Here are a few.

Common NPCs

  • Bug-kin workers: Everyday bug-kin going about their tasks in settlements.
  • Traders and merchants: Individuals involved in commerce and trade.
  • Guards and defenders: The world is dangerous, and these Bug-kin are responsible for maintaining security.
  • Craftsmen and artisans: Skilled bug-kin engaged in various crafts.
  • Farmers and harvesters: Bug-kin involved in agriculture and resource gathering.
  • Healers and medics: Those with skills in treating injuries and illnesses.
  • Scholars and scribes: Bug-kin focused on learning and recording knowledge new and old.
  • Seers: Fortune-tellers and diviners who help send others on their way.
  • Broodmasters and Kin-guardians: Those who look after both the young as well as those who are moulting.

Uncommon NPCs

  • Relic-kin: Ancient Bug-kin with expansive knowledge or abilities due to mutation or exposure to various hazards.
  • Breach hunters: Specialized Bug-kin associated with the Breach, skilled in tracking and dealing with dangerous creatures.
  • Free Knights: Mercenaries fighting for freedom, often hired for specific tasks.
  • Scrat Zealots: Members of the Scrat faction dedicated to embracing infection and mutation. More common in infected areas.
  • The Eon: Bug-kin with a deep understanding of metallurgy and forgotten knowledge, often involved in relic-kin research.
  • Legendary warriors: Bug-kin heroes or champions known for their exceptional skills or deeds.
  • Glowstone Guild members: Experts in crystal research and pioneers in understanding and harnessing crystals.
  • Royalty: Royal families that still exist are often well guarded, kept secret, or their location unknown, pushing their autocratic rule out of sight of commoners.