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Character sheet updates - Devlog #17

Now that I've finished my other big project, I have even more time to work on Bug & Claw. Over the last couple of months I've refined systems, added or removed them, and generally iterated on written rules. When working mostly in written format right now, I've been finding artifacts like the character sheets and other outputs to be a great way to see how it's all coming together.

There's a lot different in this character sheet iteration from the last one.


Page 1

  • "Path" has become "goal"
  • A space for your level has been added
  • Main attributes are all reorganized, layout wise
    • Flesh and Grit have slightly revised visuals, increasing their visual hierarchy because of how important they will be
    • Flesh is tied to Strength and Dexterity
    • Grit is tied to Intellect and Charisma
  • "Drive" has been removed (it has been renamed "Presence" and moved to the upcoming referee's sheet)
  • Weaknesses and damage have been added and balanced with defences

Page 2

  • "Gon" (your money) has its own space
  • Inventory spaces have "Strength" requirement unlocks
  • Other carry restrictions are re-ordered based on how common they will be

What am I still/currently thinking about?

  • I don't think pocket-filler/trinkets will require inventory slots.
    • I want them to help add dressing to people's characters. Therefore, I don't think players should be penalized for having them.
  • I don't like the amount of space "dead" inventory slots take up if you aren't a character with high strength or other benefits
  • I'm still debating if a lot of wealth should take up inventory slots
    • Having a lot of wealth carried around with you might attract bandits, so...
    • Maybe double penalizing players isn't required
  • The amount of XP required to level up might change
    • On the other hand, the amount of things that could give you XP might go down each level
  • If you're involved with a faction that might go on the sheet, but may instead go on the referee's

See all of the current iterations, below. 20231027-CharacterSheet-v04_1 20231027-CharacterSheet-v04_2