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Bug & Claw is now a part of Monkey's Lunch!

Exciting announcement! 🎉

I'm launching Monkeyslunch (aka Monkey's Lunch, aka ML), my little escapism (games, fiction) company, which Bug & Claw is now a part of!

What does this mean?

  • Clearer content. No mixing of Bug & Claw items with other game items.
  • A dedicated site just for Bug & Claw to flesh out the lore, world, and devlog.
  • My brain is organized again. This is important.
  • Bug & Claw keeps its own dedicated site at: bugandclaw.com
  • All other games and non-Bug & Claw activity get their own site at: monkeyslunch.com
  • I'll start adding devlogs and other bits again, catching back up. Oh, the joys of neurodiversity. Can't do Y until X is done and Z is ready.

Why was this important?

I collected a lot of feedback from folx over the last few months and they pointed out how confusing it was that the main game I was developing shared the same name as the overarching company for the gaming studio and other games. I had to agree, that's confusing. Many folx didn't know if what I was sharing was a part of the Bug & Claw universe or part of anotehr game. Now, hopefully that's a lot clearer, especially since I plan on fleshing out the world of Bug & Claw with supporting fiction, lore, and other material.