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An introduction to Bug & Claw

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You reach down and pull the crystal from the raider’s head. It will bring a decent bounty.

Gazing out into the forest, you see eyes shining back at you. In one direction, the lack of a protective crystal tower means contending with mutant wildlife and potential infection, while the other represents more raiders– ones you don’t have bounties on. A calm, rhythmic thumping behind you causes you to turn. Missing a limb and steaming with chemical burns but still ready for what’s next, your arachnid-kin companion asks what the plan is. You’ll tackle whatever it is together.

It’s hundreds of thousands of years in the future. Humans are no more, and bug-kin (intelligent, mutant arthropods) are the dominant intelligent life form on the planet.

Changed by a dying human race trying to preserve its knowledge and save the earth, your kind now repeats or prevents the mistakes of the past from occurring.

Bug & Claw is a rules-light, lore-heavy tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) of friendship between strange creatures, change and adaptation, corrupt governments and royal families, and breaking the vicious cycle of the past, spreading hope through bizarre and fantastic lands.

You don’t need to have played another TTRPG before to play Bug & Claw, but if you have, you should know that it may work a little differently than you’re used to. Bug & Claw takes cues from the Old School Rennaisance of gaming, where the balance in combat encounters is purposely neglected. You should not be able to win every fight you come up against– at least not with muscle. You’re small, humanoid bugs that may come up against wildlife that vastly outsizes you or technology your kind doesn’t yet understand. This game will challenge you to work together and think outside combat tactics to solve problems.