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An overview of the organizations of Bug & Claw - Devlog #16

I've talked about the Breach a few times in these devlogs, even including an example of them in the Doll's Eye. A few of the folks I chat with about the game have been curious about some of the organizations that will make an appearance. Here are some of them. A reminder that organizations are going to be optional and I'll look to include tools to generate your own if you want to.

The Breach

Focus: Monster hunters
Values: Honour, evidence, security, trust, and courage
Role: Hunters tracking down infected or mutated wildlife, safeguarding communities.

Glowstone Guild

Focus: Crystal research
Values: Knowledge, discovery, experimentation, and transformation
Role: Pioneers in understanding and harnessing crystals.


Focus: Embracing infection and mutation
Values: Reciprocation, autonomy, individual liberty, and uniformity
Role: Religious zealots encouraging the natural order of evolution through infection.

The Spark

Focus: Technology and crystal-based inventions
Values: Control, precision, technology
Role: Reverse-engineering ancient technology, preserving and safeguarding it.

Mossbound Scholars

Focus: Ancient knowledge and history
Values: Wisdom, education, preservation of lore, and contemplation
Role: Custodians of bug-kin texts and relics, ensuring the continuity of historical understanding.

Mitey Merchants’ Union

Focus: Trade and commerce
Values: Prosperity, negotiation, fair exchange, and reputation
Role: Facilitators of trade, overseeing fair business practices and economic growth.

Free Knights

Focus: Mercenaries for the oppressed
Values: Freedom, evolution, autonomy, individual liberty, and ethics
Role: Swords for hire, liberating those oppressed by corrupt governments, seeking justice.

Quicksilver Couriers

Focus: Information and package delivery
Values: Swiftness, accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality
Role: Messengers and couriers adept at navigating the intricate web of Bug & Claw.

The Eon

Focus: Advanced metallurgy, alchemy, relic-kin research
Values: Knowledge, Secrecy, Mastery, Progress
Role: Delving into ancient texts and forgotten lore. Seeking to understand and harness the powers of relic-kin. Shrouded in secrecy.


Focus: Fortune-telling
Values: Nature, sharing, and history
Role: Diviners, soothsayers, fortune-tellers, and oracles.

More information on each of these organizations coming soon. I find the Seers particularly interesting right now and have been fleshing out a lot of their particulars.