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Adventure generator - Devlog #11

If you're running Bug & Claw you may want to generate your own adventures and play more organically. The game will include various ways of helping make that happen, with this adventure generator being just the start. You can roll three d20s on this table to quickly spin up an idea for a new adventure, whether a rumour heard in town, assigned to the adventurers from an NPC, or via some other method of your choosing.

3d20 Detail 1 Detail 2 Detail 3
1 Find the Crystal monolith Of the infected lands
2 Loot the Royalty Of the cave system
3 Raid the Council Of the chemical wastes
4 Build for the Mutant wildlife Of the mountain
5 Replace the Infection Of the forest
6 Imitate the Seer In the hospital
7 Battle the Crystal In the swamp
8 Teach the Breach Murdering bug-kin
9 Judge the Free Knight/s Attacking royalty
10 Run from the Scrat Destroying historic records
11 Study the Relic-kin Of the ancient wreck
12 Impress the Quick-growing crystals Enslaving bug-kin
13 Catch the Non-kin Attracting mutant wildlife
14 Use the Thief That appears at night
15 Stop the Memories Drug storage
16 Steal the Camp Spreading lies
17 Free the Ancient treasure Drinking blood
18 Cleanse the Assassin Tainting the town's food
19 Bolster the Construction Taking hostages
20 Honor the Graveyard Building a resistance

Open to interpretation

As you roll (or manually mix) columns you may find that things are open to interpretation. For example, you'll have to decide what it means to "bolster" or "cleanse" something. Or maybe you leave that up to your players. Some of the interpretation of columns also means deciding if you're going to add an oxford column between the second and third column or not, as sometimes that can vastly change the interpretation of things.

Choosing what to reveal

A general tip with adventures is not to reveal too much upfront to those experiencing things what's going on. Keep in mind that adventure seeds such as these may be best played close to the chest. Maybe don't reveal upfront to the players that you're off to battle giant mutant wildlife.

Think about why

This generator gives you seeds for an adventure. You as the DM or players need to come up with why that's happening and what the payoff is at the end, both financially and narratively.

Tell me about it

Lastly, I'd love to hear what your adventures are like! What's so enjoyable about prompts from a generator is to find out how they were interpreted. If you use this table to come up with something neat, share it with @bugandclaw on Twitter.