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100 unique mutations - Devlog #22

I've been working through the mutations that Bug-kin may have upon character generation. These may or may not be the same ones that you can receive on a moult if you have high infection. Many are cosmetic, while some offer advantages or disadvantages. Highly WIP, but if you've followed me for a while you know I always have fun with these types of tables.

Roll a D100:

  1. Exoskeleton is multicoloured
  2. Luminescent antennae (that always brighten areas)
  3. Additional compound eyes (can see behind you)
  4. Bioluminescent markings (disadvantage on stealth-related tests)
  5. Iridescent wings (disadvantage on stealth-related tests)
  6. An extra set of limbs (non-functional)
  7. Feathery antennae, like bushy eyebrows
  8. Pollen-sensitive scent glands (able to detect flowering plants up to 1 hex away)
  9. Blue-tinted carapace that’s always cool to the touch
  10. Shell that’s reflective like a mirror (disadvantage on stealth-related tests)
  11. Translucent limbs
  12. Spiked exoskeleton (d6 damage if used for an attack)
  13. Vibrant red and fuzzy thorax
  14. Metallic sheen to wings (wings cannot have a wound inflicted or be disabled by regular damage)
  15. Small, bioluminescent tail
  16. Crystal growth from back of one hand (heal d4 Flesh on touch, once/day)
  17. Tiny, leaf-like growths
  18. Swirling geometric patterns on carapace
  19. Thick, woolly exoskeleton (able to function regularly in cold and winter)
  20. Crystalline antennae (restore d4 Grit on touch, once/day)
  21. Warm, occasionally steaming exoskeleton (able to function regularly in cold and winter)
  22. Holographic wing patterns
  23. Extra, humanoid eyes (non-functional for sight but can move and blink)
  24. Thick antennae that can be used as horns (d4 damage)
  25. Glowing, pulsing veins on limbs (disadvantage on stealth-related tests)
  26. Long, bristly fur patches
  27. Vibrant orange camouflage patterns (advantage on stealth-related checks specifically in autumn environments)
  28. Small, spider-like spinnerette in a spot of your choosing (can spin a small web to create a trap for tripping, snaring, or slowing down foes or prey, once/day).
  29. Shimmering iridescent stripes
  30. Crimson antennae (can sense changes in atmospheric pressure, predicting the next day’s worth of weather changes)
  31. A spiky mane of hair like a lion
  32. Transparent, barely perceptible wings
  33. Ethereal, nebula-like patterns on carapace (can send but not receive telepathic communication with other Bug-kin, nearby only)
  34. Holographic patterns that change with emotion
  35. Antennae naturally swirl in mesmerizing patterns (advantage on persuasion-related tests)
  36. Rustic camouflage patterns (advantage on stealth-related checks specifically in forests)
  37. Polka dot wing patterns
  38. Luminescent spines along the back
  39. Controllable glow-in-the-dark spots (disadvantage on stealth-related tests while activated)
  40. Short, smoke-like vapour trails from rear end
  41. D10 Whisker-like antennae all over face
  42. Bumpy carapace, almost like warts
  43. Feathers cover limbs
  44. Retractable crystal structures (can emit d4 electric damage, once/day)
  45. Pores in exoskeleton exude an ethereal, misty aura
  46. Leathery, bat-like wings instead of insect-like
  47. Human hands, complete with skin, bones, and all
  48. Little fuzzy pom-poms on ends of antennae
  49. Human feet, complete with skin, bones, and all
  50. A gorgeous and full head of hair
  51. A human nose (just as functional as your scent glands)
  52. Single additional arm with a crab-like claw (d6 damage if used to attack)
  53. A fully functional mouth in a spot of your choosing, still connects to digestive tract
  54. Functional, feathery, lobster-like gills (allow breathing underwater)
  55. Head orb growths (can always detect magnetic north)
  56. Covered in human skin (slightly more sensitive and less durable: -1 flesh)
  57. Human-like internal skeleton and muscular system in addition to exoskeleton (more durable: +3 flesh)
  58. Stegosaurus-like plates down back (can absorb sunlight, regenerate 2 grit each sunny day)
  59. Fuzzy, paw-like limbs
  60. Venomous bite (d4 damage)
  61. Stink sac on abdomen (emit a stink cloud once/week to deter uninfected wildlife)
  62. Magnetic attraction on limbs (can attract smaller-than-fist-sized objects nearby)
  63. Two porous patches on carapace emit pheromones (attracts constant cloud of regular, small, non-kin bugs)
  64. Mute (can communicate via thumpah or signing only)
  65. Able to emit a harmonious musical humming (advantage on charisma-based tests on wildlife, infected or not)
  66. Non-infectious fungal growths (+1 infection resistance)
  67. Crystalized, shard-like protrusions (d6 if used to damage)
  68. Small mushrooms that make it look like you have a head of hair
  69. Chameleon-like colour changing (advantage on stealth-related checks)
  70. Extra, scorpion-like tail (d8 damage)
  71. Cyclops; only have one eye (disadvantage on sight-perception-based tests)
  72. Limited regeneration (the first limb you lose regrows perfectly on the following moult, only once)
  73. When you moult it smells really bad
  74. Marsupium-like pouch behind an exoskeletal plate (+3 carrying capacity)
  75. Telescoping neck, but only slightly (not very useful)
  76. A single orifice of your choice cannot help but weep blood
  77. Regular, non-kin insects are repelled from your immediate vicinity
  78. Hollow chambers along exoskeleton that resonate when moving quickly
  79. Gemstone-like embedded spots on the exoskeleton
  80. Velvet-like texture covering the entire body
  81. Symmetrical, elegant stripes running down the thorax
  82. Single, unicorn-like crystal horn (can detect crystal havens within 1 hex)
  83. Regal crown-shaped formation on the head (may cause odd interactions with royals or those used to their presence)
  84. Subtle, pulsating, crystalline glow emanating from joints
  85. Subtle, crystalline glow emanating from orifices
  86. Small, luminescent mushrooms growing in crevices of exoskeleton
  87. Cap-like mushroom growths on the ends of antennae
  88. Crystalline, prism-like protrusions
  89. Spore-emitting sacs on the thorax cause the odd, harmless mushroom to grow occasionally where you’ve been
  90. Edible mushrooms grow on limbs
  91. Mossy, fungal patches on the limbs
  92. Mycelium-like veins along the exoskeleton
  93. The aroma of earthy mushrooms exudes from your body (advantage on persuasion-based tests on hungry Bug-kin)
  94. Cobweb-like filaments on limbs
  95. Retractable limbs
  96. Different coloured exoskeleton based on environmental temperatures
  97. You constantly exude an ink-like residue from a limb of choice
  98. Neon-coloured blood
  99. Toxic blood (creatures that successfully bite or feed on you take D4 damage)
  100. Extra-long, humanoid tongue