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100 Pocket Filler Items - Devlog #9

What follows is 100 pocket filler items for Bug & Claw. Pocket filler refers to small items or trinkets that characters can acquire and carry in their pockets, backpacks, or other storage areas. These items serve several purposes within the game, like world immersion, role-playing opportunities, flavor and characte personalization, lore, or general rewards. They may be acquired as loot, found during exploration, or obtained as quest rewards. These items may not have direct gameplay benefits but can still feel rewarding and contribute to a sense of progression.

  1. Glowing Crystal Shard: A small, translucent crystal fragment that emits a soft, ethereal glow in whatever colour the holder thinks of.
  2. Whispering Seashell: A tiny, delicate seashell. When held close to the ear, it emits faint whispers in an unknown language.
  3. Mechanical Firefly: A tiny crystal-tech mechanical firefly with delicate, intricately designed wings. It seems ancient. When activated, it flutters around, emitting a gentle glow.
  4. Beautiful Feather: This feather has iridescent hues that shimmer and shift as it catches the light. It is mesmerizing.
  5. Crystal Kaleidoscope: A small, handheld device resembling a kaleidoscope. Peering through reveals intricate patterns and vibrant colours that shift and transform with every twist. The viewer occasionally sees glimpses of their strongest memories.
  6. Harmonic Wind Chime: Tiny metal pipes that, when exposed to a breeze, produce soft, melodic tones that seem to harmonize with the natural sounds of the environment.
  7. Silken Dreamcatcher: A small dreamcatcher woven with strands of shimmering bug-kin silk. Though it catches no dreams, it is pretty.
  8. Pocket Weather Vane: A miniature weather vane made of crystal that responds to the slightest breeze, pointing in the opposite of the wind's direction. It spins rapidly, pointing in random directions when there is no wind.
  9. Spirit Pebble: A smooth, palm-sized pebble with a translucent center that glows with a faint inner light. Holding it allows you to commune and speak with a long-deceased bug-kin.
  10. Eternal Snowflake: A delicate snowflake formed of crystal.
  11. Moonlight skull: The small skull of a rodent, that radiates a gentle, moonlit glow, reminiscent of a serene night sky. It emits a faint, calming hum when held close to the ear.
  12. Sparkling River Stone: A small, polished stone found in riverbeds. It glistens with natural luster, reflecting the sunlight in a mesmerizing manner. Many bug-kin and birds are attracted to these.
  13. Memento Locket: A locket that can hold a tiny photograph or thin object, serving as a keepsake of a loved one or a cherished memory.
  14. Enigmatic Puzzle Box: A small metal-alloy box with intricate carvings on its surface. It can be opened with a clever sequence of movements, revealing a hidden compartment inside.
  15. Aetheric Compass: A compact compass that always points north, no matter how it is turned.
  16. Flickering Lantern: A miniature lantern with a tiny candle inside. The flame flickers as if affected by unseen breezes, creating a soothing ambiance.
  17. Traveler's Trinket: A small carved figurine of a monarch butterfly, a keepsake often given to travelers by family and friends to wish them a safe journey.
  18. Whisper Stone: A smooth metal stone with a slight concavity that, when rubbed with a finger, produces gentle, calming sounds resembling a babbling brook.
  19. Time-Worn Coin: An ancient coin with faded markings of a person in a crown. While it holds no monetary value, it serves as a true relic of the past and a conversation piece.
  20. Creepy Music Box: A small music box that plays a soft, enchanting melody when wound up but it’s missing a few key notes.
  21. Wandering Compass: A compass with a crystal needle that occasionally points in unexpected directions, leading the user on serendipitous detours.
  22. Lunar bracelet: Depicts the phases of the moon. It serves as a reminder of the passage of time and the cyclic nature of life.
  23. Whistle Key: A small key with a whistle built into it. It can be used to signal or alert others, or simply to produce a cheerful tune.
  24. Firefly Jar: A glass jar containing a few luminescent fireflies. Their gentle glow provides a soft light source in the darkness and adds a touch of magic to the surroundings.
  25. Harmonious Wind Chimes: A set of miniature wind chimes that create soothing melodies when a gentle breeze passes through them, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
  26. Polished Crystal Marble: A perfectly spherical marble with a mesmerizing swirl of colours trapped within its core. Seems to occasionally roll around on its own.
  27. Rusty Dragonfly Key Necklace: A worn and rusty key with a natural dragonfly on the end. Looped with string to form a necklace.
  28. Spinning Top: A finely crafted metal top that spins effortlessly, seemingly defying gravity for an extended period.
  29. Pet Rock: A small stone with the painted face of a bug-kin, meant to be a whimsical companion during lonely moments.
  30. Ornate Pocket Mirror: A decorative pocket mirror with intricate engravings of a small river scene that reflects light in a dazzling manner.
  31. Pocket Sundial: A miniature sundial that, when exposed to sunlight, casts a shadow that accurately tells the time when pointed north.
  32. Spelunker’s Orb: A small orb with a cube floating inside. The cube has one side that glows faintly, and that side is always pointing up and away from the center of the Earth.
  33. Bronze Yo-Yo: A handcrafted bronze yo-yo that provides endless entertainment with its satisfying up-and-down motion.
  34. Resin Flower: A beautiful flower in a blob of resin which preserves its beauty indefinitely.
  35. Polished Gemstone Shard: A fragment of a larger gemstone, carefully polished to reveal its natural blue-green brilliance.
  36. Memento Cards: A set of what looks like playing cards, but each is painted with symbols and scenes representing significant events or memories.
  37. Chirrupflute: A pocket-sized flute that mimics the sounds grasshoppers and crickets make in various tones and pitches to produce soulful and melodious tunes.
  38. Grass Animal Menagerie: A collection of intricate animals made of tied and folded grass, each with its own unique pose.
  39. Miniature Telescope: A compact telescope that, despite its small size, allows for impressive magnification and stargazing.
  40. Horn Ornament: A small, enamel-coated ornament on a ribbon shaped like an animal, worn on a horn as a personal statement or badge of honor.
  41. Rebel’s Playing Cards: A standard deck of playing cards, except all of the queens have been disfigured in some way.
  42. Fluttering Wing Pendant: A delicate crystal pendant crafted to resemble a butterfly wing. It shimmers in the light, fluttering on its own after it’s been in the sun for at least an hour.
  43. Pollen-filled Glass Vial: A small vial filled with vibrant pollen collected from various flowers.
  44. Crystal Prism: A small crystal prism that captures and refracts sunlight, creating a dazzling display of colors when held up to the light.
  45. Antlered Beetle Figurine: A meticulously carved wooden figurine of a beetle with magnificent antlers. It symbolizes strength and resilience.
  46. Whistling Grass Blade: A slender blade of grass in a hollow reed that produces a soft, melodious whistle when blown through. Bug-kin often use it to communicate over short distances.
  47. Dandelion Fluff Pouch: A small pouch filled with fluffy dandelion seeds. Blowing on the pouch scatters the seeds, creating a whimsical and magical effect.
  48. Mothwing Fan: A handheld fan made to resemble delicate moth wings. When waved, it creates a gentle breeze and releases a subtle, soothing fragrance.
  49. Shimmering Scale Bracelet: A clasped bracelet adorned with iridescent scales from various aquatic creatures. It glimmers with a captivating underwater luminescence.
  50. Dried Mushroom Keychain: A tiny dried mushroom, carefully preserved and attached to a keychain. It serves as a reminder to someone who escaped infected lands.
  51. Honeycomb Wax Candle: A small candle molded from beeswax, shaped like a honeycomb. It emits a warm, sweet scent when lit and burns slowly.
  52. Snail Trail Ink Bottle: A small glass bottle filled with ink made from the secretions of luminescent snails. The ink glows faintly in the dark when used for writing, aiding underground reading.
  53. Buzzing Beetle Brooch: A decorative brooch crafted in the shape of a rare non-kin beetle. The tiny crystal at its center emits a gentle buzzing sound, mimicking the insect's natural noise.
  54. Ladybug Elytra-rings: Delicate rings made for bug-kin elytra (hard outer wings) featuring tiny ladybug charms. They are believed to bring good luck and are highly cherished by bug-kin.
  55. Pinecone Satchel: A small satchel made from woven pine needles and cured resin and adorned with pinecone accents. It is perfect for carrying small items or foraged treasures.
  56. Gossamer Veil: A sheer veil made from the silk of an infected spider-kin (is not infected itself), delicately woven with intricate patterns. It adds an ethereal and mysterious aura when worn.
  57. Leafy Bookmark: A bookmark made from a tiny wax-pressed leaf, with a slender stem protruding at the top. It's both functional and decorative, perfect for bug-kin who enjoy reading.
  58. Buzzing Mosquito Whistle: A small wooden whistle that, when blown, emits a high-pitched buzzing sound reminiscent of a mosquito.
  59. Carved Snail Shell Pendant: A pendant made from a delicately carved snail shell. Its intricate patterns depict scenes from nature and bug-kin folklore.
  60. Cricket Chirrup Ring: A small ring adorned with a tiny cricket figurine. When tapped gently, it emits three soft chirping sounds, reminiscent of a cricket's song.
  61. Petal Whisperer: A handheld device with a small conical shell attached to one end and a resonating crystal at the other. When pressed against a flower or leaf, it amplifies the subtle sounds made by plants.
  62. Acorn Trick-Dice: A set of dice carved from tiny acorns, each marked with unique symbols. Bug-kin gamblers favor these dice for their natural charm, although this pair is rigged to land more often-than-not on a single number each.
  63. Glow Spore Pouch: A small pouch filled with luminescent mushroom spores. Sprinkling them in a dark area creates a beautiful, glowing display.
  64. Caterpillar Cocoon Amulet: A pendant containing an ancient caterpillar cocoon preserved in amber. It represents transformation and new beginnings.
  65. Bumble Brush: A small brush that mimics a bee’s hairy back leg’s ability to hold pollen. Invented to quickly collect pollen by brushing it over the top of plants.
  66. Leafy Trail Map: A hand-drawn map on a dried leaf, showcasing landmarks and pathways for an area you are unfamiliar with.
  67. Feathered Antenna Headband: A headband adorned with delicate feathers intertwined together, granting the wearer an additional and more prominent set of (non-functional) antennae.
  68. Spiderweb Lace Gloves: Delicate gloves made from intricately woven non-sticky spider silk. Often used in delicate work or handling artifacts.
  69. Chrysalis Locket: A small locket made to look like a chrysalis, opening with a twist. Commonly used to store medication or illicit drugs, the chrysalis symbolizing a type of metamorphosis.
  70. Grass Friendship Bracelet: A delicate, long-dried and starting to fray friendship bracelet made from colourful grasses.
  71. Leaf Boat: A tiny boat made from a folded leaf, waterproofed with a natural resin. It can be used for floating small objects or as a whimsical decoration.
  72. Pine Needle Quill Pen: A writing quill made from an over-sized mutant pine needle. Its tip is meticulously crafted for smooth and precise writing.
  73. Feathered Armband: A decorative armband adorned with small, vibrant feathers. May have been part of a set or used to communicate rank or status.
  74. Praying Mantis Sculpture: A beautifully carved wooden sculpture depicting a majestic non-kin praying mantis. It captures the grace and strength of the insect.
  75. Tiny Leaf Umbrella: Made from leaves meticulously stitched together with delicate silk threads.
  76. Small Butterfly Net: A lightweight net used for catching and releasing butterflies. Bug-kin naturalists and enthusiasts use it to study their colorful non-kin cousins.
  77. Wolf Tooth Whistle: A rare whistle crafted from a wolf’s hollowed-out tooth. When blown, it produces a high-pitched sound mocking instead of respecting the original animal. A favourite of raiders and bandits.
  78. Erratic Ribbon: A long ribbon with a special small crystal at the end. The crystal resonates in such a way that the material of the ribbon tries to get away, mimicking wind even when none is present. Often worn in sets to show great flair.
  79. Tiny Flower Press: A miniature flower press that allows bug-kin to preserve and flatten the smallest of delicate flowers they find during their travels.
  80. Tiny Knitted Scarf: A tiny hand-knitted scarf made from soft threads. It is too small to wear but serves as an adorable decoration or a gift for a bug-kin friend.
  81. Acorn Marbles: A set of small marbles made from polished acorns. They come in various colors and can be used for friendly games or as collectibles.
  82. Leafy Tea Infuser: A miniature tea infuser shaped like a thick leaf.
  83. Tiny Tea Cup: A delicate ceramic teacup though very small.
  84. Flower Crown: A delicate crown made from colorful wildflowers, carefully woven together. Miraculous it’s still intact.
  85. Miniature Gardening Tool: A tiny gardening tool (D4: spade, rake, watering can, or pruning clippers).
  86. Soft Plush Caterpillar: A cuddly plush toy resembling a caterpillar.
  87. Traveler's Journal: A pocket-sized journal with mostly-blank pages, perfect for bug-kin adventurers to document their travels, thoughts, and discoveries. Only two pages are filled so far, mostly with mundane events from the last couple of days.
  88. Memory Stones: Smooth stones engraved with symbols, words, or simple pictographs representing important memories. Bug-kin can carry them as reminders of significant moments in their lives.
  89. Serenity Incense Cones: Fragrant incense cones that, when lit, release a calming aroma that helps bug-kin relax, focus, or meditate during their journeys.
  90. Pocket Whittling Knife: A small, foldable knife designed for intricate woodcarving.
  91. Echo Stone: A small, smooth stone that, when tapped, emits a faint echo of the same sound.
  92. Dandy’s Flute: A delicate wooden flute with a spot to put a dandelion that’s gone to seed at its end. When played, the performer can release one big final note to release a soft puff of dandelion seeds, creating a whimsical atmosphere.
  93. Seraphic Feather: A pristine white feather that seems to shimmer with a gentle radiance.
  94. Stargazer's Lens: A handheld lens that helps reveal constellations and celestial patterns when bug-kin look through it. It adds a touch of wonder to stargazing.
  95. Memory Jar: A small, transparent glass jar with a cork stopper, with several small notes inside. The notes are each a wish the last owner had for their future.
  96. Forest Finder: A tiny compass-like device with a crystal needle that always points toward the nearest patch of dense foliage, helping bug-kin locate shelter or camouflage.
  97. Harmony Stones: Two smooth stones with colorful bands that emit gentle, harmonious tones when tapped together, creating soothing melodies.
  98. Simple Magnifying Glass: Makes what is small appear much bigger, or focuses the sun’s light.
  99. Mutant Scale Bag: A small drawstring pouch made from the shimmering scales of a mutant lizard. It can hold a variety of small items and offers a degree of natural protection.
  100. Shardcaller Whistle: A whistle made from a shard of crystal that emits a unique, high-pitched tone. When blown, it causes other nearby crystals to reverberate, making them easier to locate.